Special techniques are used for pre- and post-operative treatments. These are geared toward achieving precise physiological results, creating a quick and more comfortable recovery with a healthy return to basic movements, and complimenting the work done by the doctor and staff.

Our therapists have developed specific techniques for treating injuries and a wide variety of illnesses, as well as aiding physical rehabilitation.

Massage provides the following benefits:

  • Massage induces the relaxation response, which aid recovery from stress and helps prevent the onset of illness and injury.
  • Massage improves circulation, which can help reduce swelling from injury and speed healing.
  • Massage enhances the functioning of the lymphatic system which flushes wastes, such as lactic acid, from tired muscles to relieve aches and pains.
  • Massage breaks up adhesions from scar tissue which restores flexibility and range of motion.

Our bodies contain energy pathways that feed life into our cells. Daily tensions can build, causing our energy pathways to become blocked, resulting in fatigue, pain and disease. Jin Shin Jyutsu© involves placing the hands on key areas of the body to gently balance the flow of life energy in the body.

Jin Shin Jyutsu© does not involve massage or manipulation of muscles and tissues. It is a gentle art, practiced by placing the fingertips on designated “safety energy locks” to harmonize and restore the energy flow. This facilitates the reduction of tension and stress which accumulate through normal daily living. Holding these energy locks in combination can bring balance to mind, body and spirit.

Jin Shin Jyutsu© can be applied as self-help and also by a trained practitioner. A typical session lasts about an hour and is done fully clothed, preferably through soft, comfortable clothing. The receiver lies face-up on a cushioned surface. After “listening” to the energy pulses in the wrists, a practitioner employs a harmonizing sequence of hand placement combinations to stimulate circulation of energy along given pathways. Its effects are deeply relaxing and powerful for pre- and post- operative care.